• SPP DistribúciaThe company develops and maintains the gas distribution network in Slovakia which is nearly 33 thousand kms long. Through the SPP-distribúcia infrastructure, gas gets to almost 1.5 million offtake points in the country.
  • eustreamEustream operates a large-scale high-pressure gas transmission system in the territory of the Slovak Republic. This transmission system represents an important energy link between the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the European Union. Since 1972, Eustream has secured the transmission of more than 2.2 trillion cubic meters of natural gas across the territory of the Slovak Republic. Eustream allows access to the gas transmission network and offers its customers a wide range of transmission services on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis, including reverse physical flow, i.e. gas flows from West to South and East.. The business partners of Eustream include major energy companies from EU and non-EU member states.
  • naftaSlovak leader in natural gas storage, and hydrocarbon survey and extraction. Currently, the storage capacity of the underground gas tanks of the company is more than a half annual capacity of the natural gas consumption in Slovakia.
  • pozagasDue to its location in the vicinity of the main strategic European transmission routes, Pozagas is one of the significant companies storing natural gas.
  • SPP StorageSPP Storage is the operator of the underground natural gas tank situated at Bojanovice, Czech Republic, being directly connected to the Slovak gas infrastructure. By its storage, SPP Storage contributes to energy security of Slovak households in case of extraordinary failures.